When I walked into a gym for the first time, I was pretty intimidated. There were so many machines, weights, pulleys and cables and I had no idea what to do and where to start. Because of my fear, I kept doing the same old routine. I would hop on the elliptical or treadmill and ‘jog’ for 30 minutes. I’d finish up with a few crunches and call it my workout for the day.

The problem was, I was getting nowhere with how I wanted my body to look. My body was the same and I was tired of being frustrated with the lack of results. So, I drastically changed my training, hit the weights and fell in love with fitness and my new body. I eventually got certified and I am now training others and helping them make the transformation that I went through.

However, one thing I wish I had at the start of my journey, is an easy to follow training program with every exercise to do, which equipment to use and how frequently to do it all.

That is why I have created my programs for you. If you are anything like I was, you are frustrated with the results you aren’t getting, fearful of looking embarrassing at the gym and are unsure of where to start.

…And if you do have more experience, I even have a special elite program for you!

Your days of frustration are over… it’s time to get lean, sculpted and fit!

As a Certified Fitness Trainer, I have created 12- Week Transformation Packages to suit your goals and change your physique. Each 12 Week Transformation Package includes:

  • A Periodized 12 Week Training Program Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 17.15.35
  • A supplemental workout log to go along with your program
  • A nutrition tips and guidelines sheet
  • 12 Weeks of online consultation from me to answer any questions you have during your program

Check out my client testimonials below…

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“I recently completed Carrie’s Fat Blaster program!  I absolutely loved the program (and my results) and I would recommend it to anyone looking to tone up, get stronger and/or slim down.  The plan definitely changed the way that I spent my time in the gym and actually the amount of time I spent in the gym (to be less, but I am WAY more productive).  I used to go and elliptical and jog on the treadmill for what felt like FOREVER.  Eventually it became really monotonous and the only way I would go was if something interesting was on TV.


Enter–Carrie’s Fat Blaster Program.  I decided to get the program on a whim while browsing websites looking for interesting workouts to try, and I am so happy I decided to get it. Now, I go to the gym with a plan, knowing exactly what I need/will accomplish before I leave that day.  Every workout is intense, and you waste no time!  Every minute you spend in the gym is worth it and the workouts are really fun and interesting.  They combine lifting and cardio, and she gives you options so you don’t have to stick to running!  You can use almost any machine or do a high energy plyometric circuit instead.  The variation in the workouts was probably my favorite aspect of the program.


The plan definitely changed my outlook (mentally) on going to the gym, but it also changed me a lot physically.  I was using 3lb weights for a lot of the arm lifts when I started the plan, now I can use 10lbs or even 15 easily.  My legs feel and look a lot stronger and this isn’t because I just gained a lot of muscle mass, I actually lost about 14lbs over the course of the program and given that I have been getting stronger I am assuming a lot of it was fat!  People tell me I look thinner/leaner all the time, which is also really motivating!  I am 5’6 and went from weighing about 132-133 to 119-120 depending on the day, so it really does help you slim down even if you don’t have a lot you need to lose.

Throughout the plan Carrie has been really helpful!  In the beginning I was struggling a little with energy and eating in combination with the plan.  She offers a really affordable nutrition package that she recommended and it was SO helpful.  She lays everything out, and she knew exactly what I should be eating to supplement my workouts since she designed them!  Any time I e-mailed her with a question about nutrition or a certain exercise she would respond really quickly!  As I mentioned, I would definitely recommend the program to tone up and certainly in combination with the nutrition plan it helped me slim down quickly-but in a healthy way!  Thanks Carrie!!”

Maggie O

“Carrie’s Slim and Sculpt Program truly worked for me. As I entered my third year out of college, I was gradually unimpressed with the shape my body was taking after long work days followed by happy hours with friends and coworkers after work. It was difficult to adjust to this lifestyle of a 40-50 hour work week, and I needed something that fit in with my work schedule and busy lifestyle that would teach me healthy living for the rest of my life.

Carrie is always available to offer diet and workout advice. She understands the need for a lifestyle change and provides practical meal guidelines and rest days for you to recoup. She even discusses the idea of “cheat meals” which we know are a reality even in the healthy, clean eating world.

I would advise this program for any young professionals who find themselves bogged down with work and adult responsibilities. This program has been a lifestyle change for me. Carrie’s Slim and Sculpt program provides you with quick, high intensity workouts and meal guidelines that are realistic for an average person  who wants to lose weight and get healthy. These workouts get you out of our usual, comfortable gym routine that isn’t getting you the results you want. ”

Sam Kolpin 

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 11.42.48

“I recently was given the opportunity to complete Carrie’s Slim and Sculpt program. I had been lifting weights for almost a year, but at the time I wasn’t sure which direction to go in. I knew I liked lifting heavy and wanted to make more progress with my strength and abilities. When I learned about the program, I jumped at the opportunity.

Throughout the 12 weeks, I noticed huge increases in my strength and differences in my physique. I gained an inch on each bicep, and an overall 3 pounds of solid muscle. As someone who does not gain easily, I was ecstatic! Before beginning the program, I could not do a single unassisted chin-up. 12 weeks later, I’m incredibly proud to say that I can now do 3 in a row – such a huge improvement!

Carrie herself is incredibly helpful throughout the process. She sends motivational quotes and information each week to keep the participants pumped up for their workouts. If you have a question or a concern, she responds to emails quickly and thoroughly. This made the process easier and smoother for me. The program also comes with a nutritional guideline that is easily adaptable to all sorts of dietary needs and restrictions, which was a huge help in determining how to properly fuel for my workouts.

Even as a busy graduate student, Carrie’s programs were quick and affective enough that I was able to fit the workouts into my busy schedule. Even in a hotel, I was able to complete the workouts with only a few minor adjustments. The workouts are fun and change up often, ensuring that you’re never bored in the gym. They are enough to ensure that you’re getting the best workout possible without leading to burnout, and allowing for enough rest so that your muscles are able to grow. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to gain muscle and shape their physique, whether teenager, adult, or a parent to young children. If you want a program that is affordable, affective AND enjoyable, Carrie is the right person to speak to.”

Kathleen Billings Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 16.17.30

“I had the opportunity to complete Carrie’s Slim and Sculpt program. I used to be scared of heavy weights, but now I LOVE THEM! I now know that heavy weights are what make the big changes in your physical appearance.

After completing the 12 weeks, I feel stronger, my arms are rock-solid now, my core is hard, and my legs are more powerful. (i.e. PR: Chest press. S:8lbs each arm. P:25lb each arm.) I can get through the day with more confidence in my appearance and simply feel amazing.

Carrie was always there or me to answer any questions I had — at the beginning where she helped explain the different exercises. She helped keep me motivated throughout the week with inspirational messages to keep focused. I loved how the workouts were all planned out. Usually I’m scrambling  trying to figure out what I want to do in the first place and wondering how that will fit into my week, but these plans do all of that for me and I start my workout the moment I arrive.

I would absolutely recommend This Fit Chick’s workout programs to teens, young adults, and parents with kids. The workouts are fun, but at the same time don’t take a lot of time to do. You’re in the gym to make change and that’s what these workout programs focus on. They don’t waste away with trivial exercises — they give you a workout you feel tomorrow.”


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