Fit Recipes

Perfect Protein Pancake

Protein Sludge

Ban-illa and Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Protein Shake

Cocoa-Coconut Chicken


8 thoughts on “Fit Recipes

  1. Hey, I just saw your post on snackface saying how you can’t find coconut oil? I’m in the UK too and my local independent health food shop sells it, and I’ve seen in in supermarkets too. The brand is Biona. Nic

  2. Hey ive just started my own blog, ive been looking at urs, and ur amazing! just thougt id let ya know…
    also i noticed i used quite a few of the same products…and hense have the same frustrationas you as they dont sell it over here in the uk!!

    i have just tried peanut butter for the first time,(using whole earth organics atm) and i love it.

    i was wondering where you get the peanut butter and co products…ive searched the web and found the orgiginal but really wanana get hold of the choc ones!!

    ive also had a go at ur fudgies…with not much succsess lol, so i realli wnan give that ago again…and wondered in ur pics with the fruit in oatmeal, what do you blend ur oats with as they are very thick/paste like they look yum.

    You ight be interested if you didnt know this was about

    This sells the wraps, i get quite a few american products from here

    love ellexx

  3. I would loovee to try making your Protein Energy Balls! But, where I live they dont have any good protein. Only the crappy kind with all the bad stuff in it 😦 I used to live in the States and they have some really good protein..I live in Europe now and cant order any online because they dont ship over seas 😦 Where do you buy your Protein powder?? 🙂 Do you know any good websites where I could order some? thank youu!!

  4. Ciao, love the munchies on your blog, It has so many delicious ideas that I had to follow you on twitter so I can check back often! Im a farely new vegan so im looking forward to using them to have a wonderful journey to great health. thanks much

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