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Hi-I’m Carrie! I’m a fun spirited girl with an absolute passion for fitness. I am a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association, a Kinesiology student at the University of Southern California and a Personal Trainer at the USC Lyon Center.

I’ve always been an athletic girl growing up and I’ve learned that exercise is not only healthy for our bodies but for our minds too! There is nothing better than hitting the weights hard at the gym or jogging through the fresh air!

If you are looking to achieve a bangin’ body check out my GET FIT page!

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57 thoughts on “Me

  1. Just came across your blog. I love finding other teens who also have a passion for healthy eating. Sounds like we follow a pretty similiar diet (I use that word to mean the foods we eat, not like a weight loss kinda of diet). Can’t wait to read more!
    ~Ann Claire

  2. I’m glad you found me, so that I could find you too! I wish I’d know about healthy living blogs when I was a teen… probably would have kept me outta trouble every now and then, hah! And I can’t wait to see what you make from “Veganomicon”…

  3. I’m loving your blog 🙂 I’m just getting started, we seem to have some similar food-tastes though!!!

    I also love how your blog looks. But I’m too damn lazy to make mine pretty… Oops.

  4. um hi why the H*** did i not find your blog sooner?! I love finding other teenage bloggers.. so, yeah…hi 😉
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. 🙂

  5. So I thought for sure that I had commented on your about page, but turns out that I haven’t! So I will now! 🙂 I love that you have such a passion for living life and are so careful to care for your body – that’s great! 🙂

  6. Hey girly!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I just found yours and I love it 🙂 I can’t wait to try some of your munchies-especially the pumpkin pie oats and the death by chocolate oats 😀 And nut butters are the best! Especially almond.

  7. i love your blog! i’m so glad you commented on mine because i’m excited to read yours. 🙂 i definitely share your love of nut butters, by the way.. i think i have an addiction, haha. i love the running comment too! exercise always makes me feel sooo much better.

    ps your picture is adorable!

  8. Wow I didn’t know there were so many teen bloggers until I read your comment section. I’m excited to read all of them! Thanks for commenting on my blog 🙂

  9. you are so beautiful! i am also a sucker for warm, fuzzy socks… and nut butters, but you probably figured that one out already. 😉

  10. I love your photo up top! So gorgeous! 😀 I too have been pretty active, (well, at least I am now!) and I love finding new ways to work out and enjoy life. 🙂 Love, love, LOVE your blog! 🙂
    Good work girly-o!

  11. Carrie, awesome blog! I was looking for good recipes, and like it usually happens, I’m soon just scrolling through blog after cooking blog. But yours was awesome. Keep up the good work, and keep eating healthy and staying in shape!


  12. I’m a fairly new reader but I love your blog! Just so you know, I nominated you for stylish blogger award! Hopefully you’ll fill it out so readers can learn more about you!

  13. Hey girl, I found you on Sweet Tooth Runner. Fuzzy socks = my life. I practically live in them…even when it’s warm. Haha! Anyway, I’m a certified personal trainer (I read that you want to be one someday). I think it’s great that you’re embracing your love for good food and fitness in a healthy way. I’ll be following you from now on!

  14. I love you’re blog ❤

    You are so strong and such an inspiration. And I swear, you must be taking pictures of all my food, because we eat so much of the same!



  15. I came across your blog…I love junk food and basically you’d yell at me if we were hanging out and I wanted to eat. BUT I like your blog, you got some cool stuff. So I’m gonna keep reading. =)

  16. Awesome blog– so glad you commented on mine!

    I love meeting other young individuals with a passion for health and fitness. Gotta love those clean foods 😉

  17. I just came across your blog and am in l-o-v-e. It’s always so exciting to find other young gals who have a similar passion for healthy eating, nutrition, and fitness. I look forward to checking out more of your recipes!

    Feel free to check out my food blog @ From one blogger to another, I would love to hear any feedback or comments you have!


  18. I have my personal Training degree and sport and Exercise degree. It is very interesting and lovely but what makes you the best is questioning everything and shaping your view on it and promoting it. Love this and I am currently going on to study BSc Humanon Nutrition, Diet and Health. Then MSc and PhD. This blog keeps me motivated.

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